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What is Direct Care?

Direct care is an innovative healthcare model that prioritizes your essential healthcare needs in ways that traditional healthcare does not. Direct care helps to restore the quality of the doctor-patient relationship by putting you first. This model allows for direct contact with your physician via text, email, and video calls. Members also benefit from longer office visits with minimum wait times.

About Healthwise Wellness

Our Mission

Providing accessible, individualized care, simply and directly, while maintaining the one-on-one relationship between patients and their physicians.


Healthwise Wellness is a direct care clinic that is personable and easily accessible. Our clinic is in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, primarily focusing on gynecology, aesthetics, and weight management.


Dr. Tochi Keeton is a dual board-certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist and Obesity Medicine physician. She has a passion for providing personalized, evidence-based care while building trust with her patients. Dr. Keeton believes that every patient deserves individualized care; her desire to provide compassionate care to her patients led her to direct care.


Beauty is more than skin deep. Healthwise Wellness offers treatments for optimizing your skin and hair beauty. These include Rejuvepen micro-needling with PRP by Selphyl, cosmetic Botox, and medical-grade skin products supervised by a physician. All treatments are performed by a trained professional for results you can trust.


Healthwise Wellness redefines women’s health by providing access to gynecological care as you’ve never imagined possible. For a low monthly premium, you can schedule unlimited clinic visits, video calls (via our secure telehealth platform), and even text message your physician directly.

Weight Management

Our team-based approach will make this your one-stop-shop for all your health goals. We understand that weight gain is multifactorial, encompassing genetics, nutrition, lifestyle, hormonal, and environmental factors. Our treatment team includes a physician and a registered dietician.

What makes us different?

Direct care is liberating doctors and patients from insurance restrictions so your health is put first.

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